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About the institute

Main research topics :

  • study of molecular biology and cell-biological mechanisms of vital activity of plant cells on the basis of structural and functional genomics, bioinformatics of plants, structural biology and molecular genetics;
  • development of new molecular biotechnology and nanobiotechnology plant and procaryotic systems;
  • development of scientific principles of resource saving technologies of processing agricultural raw materials, obtaining new types of foods and getting biofuels from biomass;
  • development of biotechnologies of foods, their components and biologically active components, molecular genetic and biochemical methods of pest, medical and biological control of food raw materials, food additives, food and feed and scientific basis for biosafety;

The Institute is headed by Doctor of Biological Sciences, Acad. NAS of Ukraine Ya.B. Blume.

IFBG has four academic departments, consisting of - five laboratories and all-institute units.