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4th International Fascination of Plants Day 2017

4th International Fascination of Plants Day 2017   Science Days Spring 2017

4th International Fascination of Plants Day (FoPD)May 18, 2017 traditional volunteer educational event celebrated in Ukraine and in the world every two years under the umbrella of the European Plant Science Organisation (EPSO). This year's many events will be held in different regions of Ukraine during May together with the initiative of young researchers of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine called "Days of Science" on May 20-21.
We are pleased to notify that in 2015 Ukraine was the second country in the world taking into account the number of events organized in frames of FoPD. Official website of Ukraine at EPSO You can find here: You could read about the success of the "Days of Science" in Ukraine on our website:

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This year's joint activities will focus primarily on "green" topics (e.g., botany, zoology associated with plants, reserve management, agriculture and agroecology, plant cell biology and genetic engineering, land art, humanities studies on plants in human life, etc.). However, if You want to present something non-related to plant world, please, contact with the organizers of the initiative "Days of Science. Spring-2017".
Please, indicate the format of your participation in the registration form.