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Liudmyla Sakhno

Зображення користувача Liudmyla Sakhno.

Main Profile

Liudmyla O. Sakhno
Dr.Sci, Lead Senior Scientist
Contact information: 

Full profile

Institute of Food Biotechnology and Genomics NAS of Ukraine                                  Dr.Sci. (Major: Biotechnology)                 2016
              “Сreation of canola plants (Brassica napus L.) bearing heterologous genes of different origins and analysis of their tolerance to abiotic stresses”
Institute of Cell Biology and Genetic Engineering  NAS of Ukraine                              Ph.D   (Major:  Biotechnology)                 2003
               “Transgenomic (Brassica napus+B.nigra) and transgenic (Orychophragmus violaceus) plants of Brassicaceae
Taras Shevchenko Kyiv State University                                                                      M.S.  (Major: Plant physiology)               1984
                “Genotype and different salt concentration influences on sugar beet morphogenesis in vitro”
Work experiences: 
Lead Senior Scientist, Dept. Cell Biology and Biotechnology, IFBG NAS of Ukraine, January, 2017 – present
Lead Senior Scientist, Dept. of Genomics and Molecular Biotechnology, Institute of Food Biotechnology and Genomics (IFBG) NAS of Ukraine, June, 2016 – December, 2016
Lead Senior Scientist, Dept. Genetic Engineering, ICBGE NAS of Ukraine, 2013 - January, 2017
Deputy Chair Dept. Genetic Engineering, ICBGE NAS of Ukraine 2010 – 2015 
Senior Scientist, Dept. Genetic Engineering, ICBGE NAS of Ukraine, 2008 – 2013
Research Scientist, Dept. Genetic Engineering, ICBGE NAS of Ukraine, 2003 –2008                                     
Assistant Research Scientist, Dept. Genetic Engineering, Institute of Cell Biology and Genetic Engineering (ICBGE) NAS of Ukraine, 1989 – 2003
Assistant Research Scientist, Dept. Cell Biology and Genetic Engineering, Institute of Botany NAS of Ukraine, 1986 – 1989
Engineer-biologist, Central Selection and Genetics Station, Uman (Cherkasy region), 1984 – 1986
Professional affiliations

·       Vavilov Society of Geneticists and Breeders of Ukraine

·       Ukrainian  Society for Cell Biology

Current projects: 

• Selection of drought resistant plant lines using the yeast trehalose biosynthesis genes overexpression (2017)
• Investigation of mechanisms of plant stress adaptation and creation of tolerant lines using methods of experimental transgenesis (2015–2016)
• Biotechnology development of accumulation of both recombinant microRNA and proteins in plants for medicine (2015)
• Biotechnological canola lines characterized by the improved productivity due to heterologous gene expression as a raw material for biofuel production (2011–2013)
• Production of edible and forage plants expressing proteins with anti-tuberculosis and antiviral properties (2011–2012)
• Molecular design of system for heterologous expression of proteins using thermostable lichenase of Clostridium thermocellum as a reporter and carrier (2011–2012)
• Development of new generation bioengineer platform for highly effective expression of pharmaceutical protein genes in plants and edible vaccine production (2010–2014)
• Studying on the physiological function of different substrate specificity desaturase genes in plants under normal and abiotic stress conditions (2010–2014)
• Obtaining of genetically changed canola plants with increased productivity, herbicide tolerance, and changed fatty acid oil composition as a raw material for biodiesel production (2008-2010)
• Studying on the mechanisms of the higher plant abiotic stress resistance due to heterologous expression of cyanobacteria genes (2008-2009)


Major accomplishments

·       Developed a protocol for canola genetic transformation using leaves of aseptic plants as the explants.

·       Obtained several groups of transgenic canola plants bearing heterologous genes of different origin, namely

1.    bar gene providing plant tolerance to herbicides with phosphinotricin as acting agent;

2.    syntheticepsps gene which is responsible for plant resistance to glyphosate herbicides;

3.    human interferon alpha 2b gene, HuINFα2gene;

4.    desaturase С gene from cyanobacterium Synocococcus vulcanus, fused in reading frame with repoter lichenase gene fromClostridium thermocellum, DesC::LIC.BM3 gene;

5.    СYP11Agene from bovine adrenal cortex mitochondria encoding cytochrome P450SCC.

·             Obtained with colleagues the data about physiological, biochemical, and molecular biological characteristics of these transgenic plants.

·             Identified the improved crop lines with higher biomass production under normal conditions as well as in water deficit or heat stress.

·             Participated in creation of plant germplasm bank of world flora in part of obtaining of in vitro cultures. This collection was included to the list of scientific objects which are considered as the national scientific property by the decision of Ukrainian government.

Selected publications: 
  • Sakhno L.O. (2017) Superoxide dismutase activity in plant onthogenesis under normal and abiotic stress conditions // The Bulletin of Kharkiv National Agrarian University.–1 (40): 21-34.
  • Sakhno L.O., Lystvan K.V. (2017) Antioxidant activity in Brassica napus L. plants expressing lox-dependent BAR gene // Factors in experimental evolution of organisms (Kunakh V.A. (editor))– Kyiv: Logos.– Т.21. – In press.
  • Gerasymenko I.M., Kleschevnikov V.V., Kedlian V.R., Sakhno L.O., Arbuzova I.A., Sheludko Y.V., Dosenko V.E., Kuchuk N.V. (2017) Establishment of transgenic lettuce plants producing potentially antihypertensive ShRNA// Cytol. Genet. 51(1): 1-7. doi:10.3103/S0095452717010054
  • Sakhno L.O., Lystvan K.V., Belokurova V.B., Kuchuk M.V. (2016) Antioxidant activity in transgenic canola (BrassicanapusL.)plantsgrown in vitro. In: Rapeseed: Chemical Composition, Production and Health Benefit (Monica White (editor)): Nova Science Publishers, Inc. – Р.133 - 152. https://www.novapublishers.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=56645&osCsid=6b89e62952808f8c8b1958f407e5312a
  • Sakhno L.O.(2015) Аlterations in superoxide dismutase activity due to heterologous gene expression: plant peculiarities // Factors in experimental evolution of organisms (Kunakh V.A. (editor)) – Kyiv: Logos. – V.17: 274-279.
  • Taranenko A.M., Sakhno L.O., Morgun B.V., Kuchuk M.V. (2015) Comparative molecular genetic analysis between Ukrainian and EU registrated glyphosate-tolerant rapeseed transgenic plants // Biotechnol. acta. 8 (2): 52-57.
  • Sakhno L.O.(2015) Adaptive plasticity in osmotic stress of biotech canola (Brassica napusL.) possessing cyp11A1 orsimultaneously desC and epsps transgenes// Наукові доповіді НУБіП. №5 (54).
  • Gerasymenko I.M., Sakhno L.O., Kyrpa T.М., Ostapchuk A.N., Khadjiev T.A., Goldenkova-Pavlova I.V., Sheludko Y.V. (2015) Characterization of Nicotiana tabacum plants expressing hybrid genes of cyanobacterial Δ9 or Δ12 acyl–lipid desaturases and thermostable lichenase // Rus. J. Plant Physiol. 62(3): 283-291. doi:10.1134/S1021443715030073
  • Slyvets M., Sakhno L. (2014) Human interferon alpha 2b positively affects сanola growth in both aseptic non-stressed and water deficit conditions// International Journal of Biosciences and Nanosciences. 1 (5):104-118.
  • Sakhno L.O., Slyvets M.S., Kuchuk M.V.(2014) Cyp11A1 canola plants under heat stress conditions// Cytol Genet.48 (5): 279-284. doi:10.3103/S0095452714050090
  • Sakhno L. (2014) Interferon application causes сanola seedling biomass increase // The Journal of Microbiology, Biotechnology and Food Science (JMBFS). 3(6):436-439.
  • Sakhno L.O., Slyvets M.S.(2014) Superoxide dismutase activity in transgenic canola // Cytol Genet.48(3): 145-149. doi:10.3103/S0095452714030104
  • Sakhno L.O., Slyvets M.S., Korol N.A., Karbovska N.V., Ostapchuk A.M., Sheludko Y.V., Kuchuk M.V. (2014) Changes in fatty acid composition of leaf lipids in canola biotech plants under short-time heat stress // Journal of Stress Physiology & Biochemistry (JSPB). 10(2):24-34.
  • Sakhno L.O.(2013) Plant biomass increase: recent advances in genetic engineering // Biopolym. Cell.29 (6): 443-453.http://dx.doi.org/10.7124/bc.000838
  • Sakhno L.O., Slyvets M.S., Sheludko Y.V.(2013) Expression of cyanobacterium desC transgene does not change canola plant cold resistance // The Bulletin of Vavilov Society of Geneticists and Breeders of Ukraine. 11(2): 267–275.
  • Shcherbak N., Kishchenko O., Sakhno L., Komarnytsky I., Kuchuk M.(2013) Lox-dependent gene expression in transgenic plants obtained via Agrobacterium-mediated transformation// Cytol Genet.47(3):145-155. doi:10.3103/S0095452713030079
  • Sakhno L.O., Gerasymenko I.M., Komarnitsskii I.K., Sheludko Y.V., Goldenkova-PavlovaI.V. (2012) Creation of glyphosate-resistant Brassica napus L. plants expressing DesC desaturase of cyanobacterium Synechococcus vulcanus // Biopolym. Cell. 28(6):449–455.http://dx.doi.org/10.7124/bc.000135
  • Sakhno L.O., Ostapchuk A.M., Klochko V.V., Kuchuk M.V. (2012) Fatty acid oil composition of canola plants carrying cytochrome P450SCC cyp11A1 transgene// Biotechnologia acta. 5(5): 27-33.
  • Sakhno L.O., Kvasko O.Y., Olevinska Z.M., Spivak M.Y., Kuchuk M.V.(2012) Creation of transgenic Brassica napus L. plants expressing human alpha 2b interferon gene// Cytol Genet.46 (6): 342-346. doi:10.3103/S0095452712060096
  • GerasymenkoI.M., Sakhno L.O., Mazur M.G., Sheludko Y.V.(2012) Multiplex PCR assay for detection of human interferon alpha2b gene in transgenic plants// Cytol Genet. 46 (4): 197-201. doi:10.3103/S009545271204007X
  • Sakhno L.O. (2011) Seed germination features of canola plants expressing mammalian cytochrome P450SCC cyp11A1 gene //The Bulletin of Vavilov Society of Geneticists and Breeders of Ukraine. 9(2): 253–259.
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  • Sakhno L.A., Gocheva E.A., Komarnitsky I.K., Kuchuk N.V. (2008) Stable expression of the promoterless bar gene in transgenic rape plants // Cytol Genet. 42(1): 16-22.doi:10.1007/s11956-008-1003-7
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  • Sakhno L.A., Skarzhinskaya M.V. (1990) Plant regeneration from isolated protoplasts of Brassica // Rus. J. Plant Physiol. 37: 187-192.


H-index: 7 (Google Scholar), 3 (Scopus)


Gave presentations at the following scientific meetings and symposiums:

·       2015 Speaker. Factors in experimental evolution of organisms. September 14-18, Chernivtsi, Ukraine. Sakhno L.O. Аlterations in superoxide dismutase activity due to heterologous gene expression: plant peculiarities.

·       2013 Poster session. 6th Conference of the PSEPB. September 16-19, Łódź, Poland. Sakhno L., Slyvets M., Korol N., Karbovska N., Ostapchuk A., KuchukMShort-term heat stress effects on cyp11A1 canola plants

·       2013 Poster session. 5th Central European Congress of Life Sciences Eurobiotech 2013. Leading area: White and Green Biotechnology. 8-11 October, Krakow, Poland. Slyvets M.S., Sakhno L.O., Sheludko Y.VDesC desaturase of cyanobacterium Synechococcus vulcanus expression in canola plants does not improve the low positive temperature growth.

·       2012 Poster session. International Symposium on Cell Biology jointly with 3rd Ukrainian Congress for Cell Biology. May 16-20, Resort Livadiya, Yalta. Trehub M.S., Sakhno L.O. Superoxide dismutase activity in leaves of rapeseed expressing cytochrome P450SCC CYP11Agene under osmotic stress conditions.

·       2012 Poster session. International Conference “Biotechnology and Plant Breeding. Perspective Towards Food Security and Sustainability”. Radzikow, Poland. September 10-12. Trehub M.S., Sakhno L.O. Transgenic Brassica napus plants expressing cytochrome Р450SCC CYP11Agene under in vitroosmotic stress conditions.

·       2011 Speaker. International Scientific Conference “Recent Advances In Plant Genetic Engineering”. May 30 – June 1, Kyiv. Sakhno L.OSeed germination features of canola plants expressing mammalian cytochrome P450SCC CYP11A1 gene.

·       2011 Poster session. 10th International Conference on Research and Technology “Rapeseed oil in European modern economy”. Torun, Poland. October5-8.   Sakhno L.O., Ostapchuk A.M., Klochko V.V., Kuchuk M.V. Fatty acid oil composition of canola plants expressing mammalian cytochrome P450SCC CYP11A1 gene.

·       2010 Poster session. Ukrainian-German Symposium on Physics and Chemistry of Nanostructures and on Nanobiotechnology. September 6-10, Beregove, the Crimea, Ukraine. Matvieieva N.A., Sakhno L.A., Rudas V.A., Shakchovsky A.M., Spivak M.J., Kuchuk M.VEdible vaccines produced by transgenic chicory, canola and tomato.

·       2009 Poster session. V Congress of Vavilov Society of Geneticists and Breeders. June 21-28, Moscow. Gerasymenko I.M., Golovach I.S., Kishchenko O.M., Sakhno L.O., Sindarovska Y.R., Sheludko Y.V., Goldenkova-Pavlova I.V.Obtaining and analyzing of transgenic plants bearing ∆9 and ∆12 desaturase genes from cyanobacteria.


Participation on scientific meetings

·       JRC- ICGEB (the Joint Research Centre (JRC) of theEuropean Commission and the International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (ICGEB) Joint expert meetingon genome editing andrelated technologies: scientific and regulatory considerations. Trieste, Italy, 2016, November, 30 – December, 1.

Students and Visiting Scientists

                Supervised and trained junior students (5) and junior scientists (2).

Synergistic Activities

           Participated at the meetings of Specialized Scientific Councils, namely

·       К26.202.01 – Institute of Cell Biology and Genetic Engineering  NAS of Ukraine (2014-2016)

·       Д26.254.01– Institute of Food Biotechnology and Genomics NAS of Ukraine (2016-present)

Area of Interests: 
Plant biotechnology; plant physiology; transgenic plants; heterologous gene expression; plant tolerance to abiotic and biotic stresses